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The LeadingAge New York IGNITE Leadership Academy is a professional development program designed to facilitate the development and growth of senior living leaders in the state. We began the program in 2013 when members who had participated in the national LeadingAge Leadership Academy urged us to develop a program at the state level. The academy focuses on internal and external relationship building, the sharing of best practices, and a passion for continuous learning.


To create an engaged group of transformational senior living leaders who are prepared to serve their own organizations and support the goals of LeadingAge New York in an exemplary and innovative fashion.

  • Learn how leaders become more authentic as they clarify their personal values and create their own unique leadership legacy

  • Understand what it means to be a visionary leader who embraces culture change and innovation

  • Adopt the practices required for networking and partnership building within and outside the organization

  • Manage energy levels for high performance and model behaviors that enhance personal credibility


"The LeadingAge Leadership Academy 'IGNITE Your Flame' has absolutely been a one-of-a-kind experience. It has impacted me so profoundly and taught me more about myself than I ever could have imagined. I have made connections with others that will last a lifetime."

Jessica Fowler

Seneca Hill Manor

Oswego, NY

"Participation in the IGNITE LeadingAge Leadership Academy was an amazing experience. I am left with anticipation and a renewed position for my personal and professional journey."

Sandy D. Freeland

VillageCare at 46 and Ten

New York, NY

"What a tremendous opportunity you have helped create for all of the leaders in New York State. I am so fortunate to be a part of LeadingAge New York."

Anne Dooley

Good Shepherd Village at Endwell

Endwell, NY

“The Leadership Academy promotes not only professional growth, but your personal growth along with it. Not only will you hone your leadership skills and learn new strategies, but you will go deeper and learn to question yourself and your own approach in an effort to improve your effectiveness. It brings you beyond the 'what' of leadership challenges to address your own 'why' and set a sense of purpose. Working alongside leaders throughout the state provides fresh perspectives on the parallel challenges that we all face, resulting in collaborative solutions. This academy should be mandatory for all leaders, especially in senior care, but any other field as well.”

Tyler Brennan

Masonic Care Community

Utica, NY

“If you get the opportunity, take it! It is life-changing. You are able to meet and connect with passionate, mission-focused peers in the field. The program pushes you out of your comfort zone where personal and professional growth is made.”

Sarah Bohnstadt

United Church Manor

West Seneca, NY

Leadership Academy Testimonials

Leadership Academy Testimonials

Leadership Academy Testimonials
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Chris Ferreri, COO, The Osborn

Chris Ferreri, COO, The Osborn

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David Smeltzer

David Smeltzer

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Michael N. Rosenblut

Michael N. Rosenblut

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Jim Clyne

Jim Clyne

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